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Tonix Amped For Men Body Spray

Men Cologne Tonix Amped For Men Body Spray FragranceLUX

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This masculine and earthy scent will be the best body spray you’ve ever tried. With just one smell you’ll never want to put this bottle down and you’ll have ladies climbing up the walls just to be near you. An authentic fragrance, AMPED intertwines notes of apple, lavender, rose, cedar and sandalwood for pure perfection. This scent is perfect for a night out on the town, a weekend getaway or just hanging around with friends. This body spray is blended with genius notes like tonka bean, sandalwood, pineapple and bergamot, coming together to create an earthy and masculine scent that will drive women wild and make you feel extra confident. Whether you’re the finder and trendsetter or the laidback man when it comes to fashion and fragrance, AMPED is a must for your collection. An intoxicatingly delicious scent, AMPED will have woman dying to get near you and men wishing they were you. With one spray, this aromatic and timeless fragrance will have you feeling boldly confident and smooth. You’re sure to be the best dressed man in any room with this scent.

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