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French Connection

Fcuk Ladies By French Connection- Bltn Tube (Unboxed)

Skin Care Fcuk Ladies By French Connection- Bltn Tube (Unboxed) FragranceLUX

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FCUK Her by French Connection UK is a natural and subtle fragrance with a very clever name. At first glance, more than most people will think the name is a variation of "THAT" word, but in reality it stands for French Connection U.K., but it is quite an attention getter!. Once it has your attention, this fragrance does not disappoint with notes of aqautic iris, citrus,barrington, peony,jasmine and violet. A sexy yet understated floral scent.The drydown is a sensual mix of sandalwood,cedar,amber and vanilla. Leaving you feeling seductive and thinking maybe they did name it right!

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